About Ayurveda

"The origins of the ancient healing science known as Ayurveda are lost in cosmic antiquity. According to the ancient text Caraka-samhita, this "Science of Life and Longevity" is eternal and is revealed in each universe in each of its infinite cycles of creation and destruction. This extremely rare appearance of God is recorded in the Vedic literature of ancient India."

Education in Ayurveda has a rich tradition. It was taught in the universities of Takshila and Nalanda in ancient times - the golden era of Ayurveda. However, it suffered a setback during medieval period and more so during British rule in India. Fortunately, Ayurveda has received a new impetus after independence and is on its way to revival.

Message from Principal -It is indeed my proud privilege to introduce the Vijay Mahantesh Vidya Vardhak Sanghs’s “S V M Ayurvedic Medical College and P. G. center” Ilkal as one of the leading institutions of Ayurveda which had turned out outstanding practitioners of the science. Established on 1992, the college of Ayurveda has steadily progressed towards creating an outstanding position for itself. When these courses were introduced The Karnataka University Dharwad as the degree awarding University granted affiliated status to the S V M ayurvedic Medical College. Thereafter continued to award B.A.M.S degrees and transferred its affiliated The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore.We are one of those to have an Under Graduate course with an intake capacity of 50 students, the post graduate (M.D. / M. S.) courses in four specialties. Aim of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S) at S V M Ayurvedic Medical College and P. G.center, Ilkal is to produce experts in the field of Ayurvedic system of medicine, to help ailing humanity through native wisdomin health and medicine. Studies are based on understanding human body from holistic angle. Disease is considered as a stage of imbalance of body Biochemistry (Doshas) which is brought to the stage of equilibrium with the help of food habits and living style modification. Curriculum of B.A.M.S. course consists of studies of Human Anatomy, physiology, metaphysics,
medicine, preparation of various herbo mineral formulations, diagnosis of pathological state of body called disease and their management and treatment. Various branches of studies consists of Medicine, Surgery, Eye, E.N.T., Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Panchkarma with a scientific approach. This renders them the confidence to accept any challenge in their future life. This is possible only due to the unconditional support of the management that makes the uphill task of running the institution smoothly seem simple. Param Pujya Mahant swamiji and Param Pujya Guru Mahant swamiji  are enormous sources of inspiration for us. I am sure that with their blessings this college will carve a niche in Ayurvedic field for itself at the national & global level.
Prof. Dr. K. C. Das

(let all be healthy)