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Well come to Sri Vijay Mahantesh Vidhya Vardhaka Sanga - Ilkal - Shri Vijay Mahantesh Vidya Vardhak Sangha, one of the premier educational institutions of North Karanataka, was established in 1963 with the sole objective of bringing higher education to the door- steps of the poor parents who could not afford to educate their children. Thus came into being Shri Vijay Mahantesh Arts, Science and Commerce College, Ilkal as the first child and flagship of the Society. The sprawling campus of the society is spread over an area of 36 acres in the heart of city. For the last around four and half decades, the society has made outstanding progress by establishing the following Educational Institutions from KG to PG which have been imparting quality education and training to the students.
S V.M. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Ilkal 1964
Vision and mission
Shri. Jagadguru Gangadhar Moorusavirmath Industrial Training Institute, Ilkal 1984

"To provide education opportunity to the students of this part of the world, to assist intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development along with skills, confidence and maturity to meet the demands of a carrier for  healthy community development".

Work is worship

We at S V M V V SANGHA are committed to develop our students as skilled professionals, good human beings and responsible citizens. Apart from routine academic exercises, we provide our students every opportunity to grow in the field of their liking. Extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural and social play crucial role in overall development of personality.
S.R Kanti College of Education, Ilkal 1986
S.V.M.Nursery Training Center 1986
S.R. Kanti Girls High School, Ilkal 1989
Shri Vijay Mahantesh Arts & Commerce Women’s College, Ilkal 1989
Shri Vijay Mahantesh Ayurvedic Medical College, Ilkal 1992
R.P.Karadi Ayurvedic Hospital, Ilkal   1992
College of Business Administration, Ilkal 1992
Department of P.G.Diploma in Industrial Chemistry 1999
Shri Guru Mahantesh Shishuvihar Kendra, Ilkal 1999
S.V.M.B.C.A College, Ilkal 2007
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application 2007
S.V.M.Institute of Management Studies (.M.B.A Programes) 2008
Post Graduate Studies & Research Center ( M.D.) 2011  
Bearing the luminous name of param Tapasvi Chittaragi Shri Vijay Mahant Shivayogi, the Society has been enriched by the blessings, patronage, sacrifices and dedicated services of many great individuals and institutions. It is benevolently sponsored by His Holiness Shri Gurumahant Swamji of Chittaragi Samsthan Math Ilkal and blessed by His Holiness Jagadguru Dr. Gangadhar Rajayogindra Mahaswamji of Moorusavirmath, Hubli. It was most affectionately fostered by the stalwarts and statesmen like late Shri. S.R.Kanti, the illustrious son of Ilkal, the then Hon’ble Minister for Education and late Shri. P.M. Nadagouda, the then Hon’ble Minister for Co-operative and Panchayat Raj.

Board of Management
1 His Holiness.Mahant Swamiji Chittaragi Samsthan Math. ILKAL. Patron
2 His Holiness GuruMahant Swamiji Chittaragi Samsthan Math,ILKAL. President
3 Shri. C. P. Salimath
Vice President S.V.M.V.V. Sangha ILKAL.
4 Shri C. M. Sajjannar
Vice President S.V.M.V.V. Sangha ILKAL.
5 Shri. M. V. Patil
Chairman     S.V.M.V.V.Society, ILKAL.
6 Shri. K. S. Kandikond
Vice Chairman   S.V.M.V.V. Society, ILKAL.
7 Shri. A. V. Bijjal
Secretary S.V.M.V.V.Society, ILKAL.
8 Shri. V. V. Alegavi
Chairman, S.V.M.Ayu,Medical College.
9 Shri. S. C. Akki
Chairman, R.P.K.Ayu,Hospital.
10 Prof. Dr. K. C. Das MD (Ayu)
Principal and CMO