Department of Vikruti Vigyan Avum Rognidan

Rognidan and Vikruti Vigyan deals with the factors which are :

Essential to understand disease process as well as the diagnosis of disease.

The normal state of mind and body is called prakriti and the abnormal state of the mind and body is termed as Vikruti. Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of disease.

The Knowledge gained by scrutinizing the causes and symptoms of a disease related to person is called Vikruti Vigyan.

  • To provide students comprehensive Knowledge of principles of Ayurvedic diagnosis at clinical and laboratory level in the 3rd professional B.A.M.S course.
  • To facilitate patient with various hematological biochemical ,serological and microbiological diagnosis tests.
  • The unique Ayurvedic ashtavidha examinations such as nadi pariksha Tail bindu etc. are carried in the department.
  • To facilitate effective diagnostic tests in shortest time for prevention and cure of disease.
  • To enhance the knowledge acquisition process for UG’s and PG’s in Ayurvedic diagnosis along with modern scientific methods.
  • To promote continuous learning amongst faculty.

Departmental Teaching staff